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Provide quality, name brand nutritional supplements to help people improve their health and athletic performance. Encourage healthy living and eating to help people achieve their God-given potential.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." Ecclesiastes 9:10

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Nutritional Supplements on the Web is owned by The EJS Group. The EJS Group was founded by Kurt Sokolski. Kurt is a lifetime drug-free strength athlete and competitive powerlifter residing in Mooresville, North Carolina. He has used nutritional supplements for many years as he specializes in strength / power training with free weights and various powerlifting methodologies. The EJS Group was named in honor of Kurt's deceased father, Eugene J. Sokolski.  Eugene was extremely supportive of Kurt's endeavors, particularly with his son's powerlifting pursuits. Eugene was ALWAYS on the front row cheering Kurt on to victory over the weights he attempted to lift in various competitions.

Kurt has been competing in powerlifting competitions since 1985. The Lord has blessed him with great strength & many victories. Since 1985, Kurt has broken several state and national records and has won 5 state titles in 3 different weight classes. Kurt is currently training for the National Powerlifting Championships sanctioned by the USA Powerlifting Federation (USAPL). Kurt has acheived a 530 lb.squat, a 364 lb.bench press and a 550 lb.deadlift at a bodyweight of 172 lbs.using single-ply gear. Kurt has exceeded triple bodyweight lifts in both the squat and deadlift and has also exceeded a double bodyweight lift in the bench press. With the Lord's continued blessings, Kurt's very best lifting accomplishments are yet to come. The photos below show Kurt competing at the 2005 North Carolina State Championship.

2005 NC State Powerlifting Championship-1st place 181 lb. weight class-State champion
2005 NC State Powerlifting Championship-1st place 181 lb. weight class-State champion
2005 NC State Powerlifting Championships-1st place 181 lb. weight class-State champion
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